Bitter Grapes

Wine was once upon a time divine
but now, somehow,
the elegance is soured
as it’s taken and devoured
what I knew of you
and thought was fine.

You sleep it off,
that the sabotage is done,
today, tonight are gone,
tomorrow spoken for
with stumbling tongue
and eyes that will not wake
to see the morning sun
and all its brightness shines upon.

And do you miss me, in your sleep?
Or miss the time together
when we keep each other warm and close–
the time we shelter here together
in the center of the storm?
It’s not the love that’s lacking,
only care;
It’s me out here
and you asleep in there;
It’s walls and hedges,
thorns and stones and chasms
holding us apart.

Your choice is always yours
and this among your choices
is the one you always choose.
I wonder what it is you think you gain
that’s worth every thing you lose.

It doesn’t matter that you cannot lose my love–
You can, in fact, lose me:
My best, and worst;
the games we play;
Companionship and passion;
Laughter; Challenge, too…
I cannot say for sure I’m such a prize,
but I know the look of sunlight in your eyes…

To cherish what you have to lose,
whether to reality or to booze,
could be considered foolish so–
perhaps you’re wise
compared to me
remembering the sunlight in your eyes.

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