Going Beyond Meat

Had a char-broiled Beyond-Meat burger yesterday. Not bad… Then read a review online that say what with all the not-meat but still saturated fat (like coconut oil), the lack of nutritious veg ingredient (in favor of more meat-like textures), and a lot of salt, it really isn’t all that much healthier than a regular ground beef burger.
Yeah, okay then… Except for the cow. It’s a LOT healthier for the cow.

And how about the recent legislation in America’s deep South where it is now illegal to call anything not actually real meat, a burger? Seriously, do they think that a) changing the word changes the reality, or that b) consumers are too stupid to understand that a label that says ‘vegetarian burger’ isn’t actually a meat burger?

In fact, we are living in an America right now that is run by people who do think that way: that changing a word changes reality; that saying a thing makes it true; that no one should question what Authority declares true.

They really think we are that stupid.

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