In Praise of Patience

I was cold in the morning, shivering,
but I knew the day would warm
with the rising sun.

Hearts broken by 
humankind unkind, 
humanity inhumane,
we bear the meaness
of our worlds
plodding on, plodding on…

between the shadows cast
by obstacles half-seen,
we go on seeking truth 
with our broken hearts.

Beset by grief,
taught guilt and shame
and fear by all its names, 
even so we plod
yet sometimes also dance.
We weep and mute ourselves
yet sometimes also sing
and laugh aloud…

Either crushed by age,
impatient, disappointed–
or lifted over time by rage
and faith and hope
and charity,
owning kindness,
choosing humanity
denying the small and mean
and misinformed–

We also rise, 
like the sun.

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  1. I am not always sure what your words are meant to mean, but it does not matter: I always feel them. And I am sure that they guide us towards humanity.

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    1. Thanks, Chris! I’m glad you get the point even if not the weaving of the words. It is always about the potential to achieve real humanity in a world that still has so much casual inhumanity.


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