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  • Is A Puzzlement!

    August 3, 2020 by

    …To quote the King of Siam. (The King and I)    The Universe is a great, multi-dimensional jigsaw puzzle, with no outside edges.  Each of us has bags of pieces collected over our lifetimes from our own life-experience, and from others whose experience we trust.   This blog is where I pour out bits from my… Read more


    July 29, 2020 by

    KELP Shadows and light waving,in the Great Embracemoving…caress and tease…coolness, warmth.veils of shadowslick and smooth…Light casting shaftsinto the darker deeps…Creatures dim and smallsecuring sustenanceand safetyin the motionsand the shafts and shades…Sense and soundconfoundedbaffled just a littlemakes for playpursuit and teasingin the pleasingatmosphereof the Great Embrace… LEAP Leap!into the sparkling air…Arc and soarabove,surrounded byThe Breathof Light,… Read more

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